Business Arts Certificate Program

“Teaching Practical Business Advice that Works”

  • For Business Owners who want to learn new skills to grow their businesses
  • For Consultants who want to expand their practice by enhancing their skill set
  • For every Business Person who wants to be more successful through expanding their business skill set

Each Business Arts Certificate specialises in a specific business area……choose the ones that fit your needs! Business Arts Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of 4 modules in any one of the specific skill areas 1 – 7 shown below


The Art of Competitive Advantage Creating a Unique Market Position

The Art of a Company Vision & Mission Before Focusing a Business

The Art of a Business Plan Determining the Feasibility and Pragmatics of a Business

The Art of Developing a Product Strategy Refining What Will Be Sold

The Art of Financial Planning Raising and Managing Capital

The Art of Marketing & Sales Planning Getting Customers

The Art of Operational Planning Operating a Business

The Art of People Planning Staffing a Business

The Art of Organizational Structure Putting the Pieces Together


The Art of Prudent Financial Management Organizing & Controlling Business Finances

The Art of Securing Capital Going Where the Money Is

The Art of Budgeting Determining If a Business Is On Track

The Art of Dealing with Financial Institutions Getting the Most Out of a Financial Relationship

The Art of Cash Management Ensuring a Business Doesn’t Spend More Than It Has

The Art of Inventory Management Avoiding Producing More or Less than Needed

The Art of Financial Reporting Determining a Business’s Financial Position

The Art of Business Expansion Growing Without Unnecessary Risk

The Art of Acquisitions Buying a Business

Skill Area 3 – SALES & MARKETING

The Art of Defining a Market Knowing the Competition and the Customers

The Art of Branding & Product Management Creating the Right Image

The Art of Advertising, Promotion and Public Relations Getting the Marketing Message Out

The Art of Gorilla Marketing It Doesn’t Have To Cost a Lot to Market a Business

The Art of Internet Marketing Marketing Through the World Wide Web

The Art of Social Media New wave of Marketing Techniques

The Art of Managing & Compensating a Sales Team Getting Professions to Sell Effectively

The Art of Customer Service & Satisfaction Getting Customers to Come Back

The Art of International Marketing Reaching Overseas Customers

Skill Area 4 – OPERATIONS

The Art of Costing & Pricing Ensuring Operating at a Positive Margin

The Art of Operating Cost-Control Systems Staying In Control of Operating Costs

The Art of Finding & Managing Facilities Pragmatics of Business Location

The Art of the Need for Capital Equipment Should a Business Acquire that New Machine?

The Art of Lease v. Buy Assessing the Trade Off between Owning or Renting

The Art of Measuring & Managing Productivity Maximizing Efficiency

The Art of Business Process Improvement Managing the Need to Get Better

The Art of Quality Management Ensuring the Customers Get a Good Product/Service

The Art of Effective Project Management Getting Those Special Initiatives Successfully Completed


The Art of Leadership Business Means Getting Others to Do What You Desire

The Art of Effective Communication How to Get Others to Listen To You

The Art of Relationship Management Business Is More Than a One-Time Transaction

The Art of the Art of Motivation Satisfying the Needs of Others

The Art of Business Coaching Business Leader as a Teacher & Role Model

The Art of the Art of Negotiation Managing the Quid-Pro Quo Game

The Art of Creating Contracts Importance of Getting Deals in Writing Correctly

The Art of Alternative Dispute Resolution Getting Resolution When There Is Disagreement

The Art of Managing Change Dealing With a Dynamic Business Environment


The Art of Business Intelligence Staying Ahead In a Volatile Business Environment

The Art of Effective Intonation Flows Getting Actionable Information to the Decision Maker

The Art of Creating Intonation Systems & Databases The Art of Collecting Data

The Art of External Intonation Sources There’s a Lot of Information Out There

The Art of Establishing an Accounting System Using Technology to Manage Finances.

The Art of Establishing a Customer Relationship System (CRM) Using Technology to Manage Customers

The Art of the Internet Effective Use of the Web for Business

The Art of Technology Management Getting the Most Out of the Technology Investment

The Art of the Future of Technology Don’t Let New Technologies Make the Business Obsolete


The Art of Dealing with Insolvency What to do When the Bailiff Knocks

The Art of Valuing a Business Knowing What a Business Is Worth

The Art of the Process of Exit Planning Cashing in on a Business Investment

The Art of Effective Succession Planning Ensuring a Business Lives On

The Art of Selling a Business Getting Maximum Value from a Business

The Art of Outside Transition Management Getting Someone Other Than the Owner to Run It

The Art of Transitioning a Family Business Passing the Business on & Keeping a Family a Family

The Art of Creative Options before Exiting Non-Traditional Ways of Exiting & Getting Value

The Art of Planning Life after a Business Transition Using the Business Exit to Set the Stage for Life