Business Arts Certificate Program

“Teaching Practical Business Advice that Works”

  • For Business Owners who want to learn new skills to grow their businesses
  • For Consultants who want to expand their practice by enhancing their skill set
  • For every Business Person who wants to be more successful through expanding their business skill set

Each Business Arts Certificate specialises in a specific business area……choose the ones that fit your needs! Business Arts Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of 4 modules in any one of the specific skill areas 1 – 7 shown below

Modules are available either as a single course or as a block of 4



101: The Art of Competitive Advantage Creating a Unique Market Position

102: The Art of a Company Vision & Mission Before Focusing a Business

103: The Art of a Business Plan Determining the Feasibility and Pragmatics of a Business

104: The Art of Developing a Product Strategy Refining What Will Be Sold

105: The Art of Financial Planning Raising and Managing Capital

106: The Art of Marketing & Sales Planning Getting Customers

107: The Art of Operational Planning Operating a Business

108: The Art of People Planning Staffing a Business

109: The Art of Organizational Structure Putting the Pieces Together



201: The Art of Prudent Financial Management Organizing & Controlling Business Finances

202: The Art of Securing Capital Going Where the Money Is

203: The Art of Budgeting Determining If a Business Is On Track

204: The Art of Dealing with Financial Institutions Getting the Most Out of a Financial Relationship

205: The Art of Cash Management Ensuring a Business Doesn’t Spend More Than It Has

206: The Art of Inventory Management Avoiding Producing More or Less than Needed

207: The Art of Financial Reporting Determining a Business’s Financial Position

208: The Art of Business Expansion Growing Without Unnecessary Risk

209: The Art of Acquisitions Buying a Business


Skill Area 3 – SALES & MARKETING

301: The Art of Defining a Market Knowing the Competition and the Customers

302: The Art of Branding & Product Management Creating the Right Image

303: The Art of Advertising, Promotion and Public Relations Getting the Marketing Message Out

304: The Art of Gorilla Marketing It Doesn’t Have To Cost a Lot to Market a Business

305: The Art of Internet Marketing Marketing Through the World Wide Web

306: The Art of Social Media New wave of Marketing Techniques

307: The Art of Managing & Compensating a Sales Team Getting Professions to Sell Effectively

308: The Art of Customer Service & Satisfaction Getting Customers to Come Back

309: The Art of International Marketing Reaching Overseas Customers


Skill Area 4 – OPERATIONS

401: The Art of Costing & Pricing Ensuring Operating at a Positive Margin

402: The Art of Operating Cost-Control Systems Staying In Control of Operating Costs

403: The Art of Finding & Managing Facilities Pragmatics of Business Location

404: The Art of the Need for Capital Equipment Should a Business Acquire that New Machine?

407: The Art of Lease v. Buy Assessing the Trade Off between Owning or Renting

408: The Art of Measuring & Managing Productivity Maximizing Efficiency

409: The Art of Business Process Improvement Managing the Need to Get Better

410: The Art of Quality Management Ensuring the Customers Get a Good Product/Service

411: The Art of Effective Project Management Getting Those Special Initiatives Successfully Completed



501: The Art of Leadership Business Means Getting Others to Do What You Desire

502: The Art of Effective Communication How to Get Others to Listen To You

503: The Art of Relationship Management Business Is More Than a One-Time Transaction

504: The Art of the Art of Motivation Satisfying the Needs of Others

506: The Art of Business Coaching Business Leader as a Teacher & Role Model

507: The Art of the Art of Negotiation Managing the Quid-Pro Quo Game

508: The Art of Creating Contracts Importance of Getting Deals in Writing Correctly

509 The Art of Alternative Dispute Resolution Getting Resolution When There Is Disagreement

510: The Art of Managing Change Dealing With a Dynamic Business Environment



601: The Art of Business Intelligence Staying Ahead In a Volatile Business Environment

602: The Art of Effective Intonation Flows Getting Actionable Information to the Decision Maker

603: The Art of Creating Intonation Systems & Databases The Art of Collecting Data

604: The Art of External Intonation Sources There’s a Lot of Information Out There

605: The Art of Establishing an Accounting System Using Technology to Manage Finances.

606: The Art of Establishing a Customer Relationship System (CRM) Using Technology to Manage Customers

607: The Art of the Internet Effective Use of the Web for Business

608: The Art of Technology Management Getting the Most Out of the Technology Investment

609: The Art of the Future of Technology Don’t Let New Technologies Make the Business Obsolete



701: The Art of Dealing with Insolvency What to do When the Bailiff Knocks

702: The Art of Valuing a Business Knowing What a Business Is Worth

703: The Art of the Process of Exit Planning Cashing in on a Business Investment

704: The Art of Effective Succession Planning Ensuring a Business Lives On

705: The Art of Selling a Business Getting Maximum Value from a Business

706: The Art of Outside Transition Management Getting Someone Other Than the Owner to Run It

707: The Art of Transitioning a Family Business Passing the Business on & Keeping a Family a Family

708: The Art of Creative Options before Exiting Non-Traditional Ways of Exiting & Getting Value

709: The Art of Planning Life after a Business Transition Using the Business Exit to Set the Stage for Life