The ‘International Independent Business University’ (IIBU)

A truly global business university for business people in any country of the world looking to develop or acquire new business skills in an online distance learning certification programme.

Since the launch of the IIBU in 2010, we have aimed to provide academic content relevant to the busy business owner, company director, business advisors and other entrepreneurs and business students and are focused on practical training in the key areas of concern and relevance to these individuals who will mostly be busy within their businesses and requiring their course content and training to focus on subject matter both relevant to their day to day business in a practical and hands-on way.

The IIBU – ‘Business Arts Certificate Programme’ (BACP) is designed for Business Owners, directors and/or Advisors who are looking to acquire new skills to grow their businesses or support their clients. There are 63 separate modules organised into 7 key skill areas:


  • Skill Area 1 – BUSINESS PLANNING.
  • Skill Area 2 – ACCOUNTING & FINANCE.
  • Skill Area 3 – SALES & MARKETING.
  • Skill Area 4 – OPERATIONS.
  • Skill Area 5 – MANAGING PEOPLE.
  • Skill area 6 –MANAGEMENT & USE of TECHNOLOGY.
  • Skill Area 7 – EXITING A BUSINESS.

Modules may be taken individually or in a sequence within a specific skill area to earn a ‘Business Arts Certificate’, awarded upon successful completion of 4 modules in any specific Skill Area 1-7.

To access and view a complete Catalogue of the 63 Modules with a comprehensive breakdown of the subjects available, please click here